Anita Rogers music BAHS new york city Violetta 33Anita Rogers is the President and founder of British American Household Staffing. Currently based in New York City, Anita specializes in meeting clients and matching their needs with the firm’s qualified candidates. Anita has an extensive background in the Arts. She is a trained Opera Singer and Harpist.

Prior to her permanent move to New York City, Anita performed in Italy, Ireland, Greece and England. Anita Rogers is a British citizen and holds a degree in Ethnomusicology from The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) as well as a degree in Western Classical Composition from King’s College London.

Born in Swanage, United Kingdom, Anita has a family history rooted in hard work and dedication. Anita’s mother was the daughter of a Czech refugee who made a name for himself as an entrepreneur and small business owner in London. Her father was an artist called Jack Rogers and was a Lutenist, Classical Guitarist, and a Bouzouki player. Her father was also Irish and had a musical group called the “Curraghs.” Anita would sing and play traditional Irish music with him and sing a lot of Dolores Keane, Planxty, and a variety of others.anita rogers bahs opera singer nyc Jack rogers lute

Soon after her birth, Anita and her family left for Wales. In 1971 they hopped in a Volkswagen camper and finally settled for a couple of years on an island called “Halki,” near Rhodes, which you could not find on a map at the time. Years later the family would move to England for a few years, before returning to Greece. The family remained in Athens, Greece until her father died in 2001. Afterwards, Anita’s mother moved to an island called Andros. 10 years later she moved back to the United Kingdom where she has lived ever since.

Anita Rogers music BAHS new york city harpAt the age of 11, Anita began studying the harp and is now a trained Harpist. She plays both the classical and celtic harp. When time permits, she attending traditional Irish music sessions in New York City. In fact, her dissertation at SOAS was about traditional Irish music and the comparisons between Northern & Southern Ireland.

Anita speaks three languages: British English, Greek, and Spanish. In addition to being a trained opera singer, Anita also sings music from 1920s/40s Greece (Rebetika and Smyrnaika) and sings songs from Greece and Turkey. She also writes and records her own songs in Spanish. Her operatic repertoire include Carmen, Delilah, and Dido. She specialises in Lieder, especially Mahler. Song cycles include the Ruckert Lieder and Des Knaben Wunderhorn. Anita has performed in Italy in Rome, Massa, Lucca, Trieste and Venice. She also performed in Athens and London before coming to the USA.

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Her love of traditional Greek music began when she was 7 years old. She used to perform with her father, a well-known bouzouki (Rebetika) player in Greece at the time. She sang while he played both the Bouzouki and Ud. She was raised singing traditional Greek music on the island of Halki, in Athens and later on the island of Andros, where her family own a house.  Anita occasionally performs with her Greek and Sephardic group “I Meraklides” in New York, when she has time (a rare moment spent away from working at bahs). Anita and Beth Bahia Cohen have performed Greek and Sephardic music together in NY since 2005.